Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Doing Double - Triple - Duty

We are teaming up with RJR Solar LLC: As part of the tractor conversion, appropriate electronics will be added so the stored battery power in the tractor can be used as a backup home power source. Even better, the entire tractor/backup power source will be solar powered, using six solar modules.

With this system, you can mow your lawn using "green" solar power and when not mowing, you will have a 2000 watt battery powered standby power system.

Added Bonus: When not charging the batteries or mowing the lawn, the system can be selling electricity back to your power company, lowering your electric bill!

The prototype system will be on display this month at the Palouse Empire Home & Garden Expo in WSU's Beasley Auditorium (March 18 & 19) and at the "Green Fair" at the SEL Event Center. (March 25 & 26)

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